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Age Requirement to Become Vice President of the United States

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Exploring the age limit and qualifications for the VP role

description: a silhouette of a figure with a blurred face, standing in front of the white house, symbolizing the anonymity and importance of the vice president's role in the political landscape.

In the United States, the requirements to become Vice President are outlined in the Constitution. While there is no specific age requirement to be Vice President, the individual must meet the same eligibility criteria as the President. This includes being a natural-born citizen of the United States, at least 35 years old, and a resident of the country for at least 14 years.

President Biden and I have something in common: We were born on Nov. 20, 1942 — he in Scranton, Pa., I in Providence, R.I. This shared birth year makes us both eligible to run for the office of President or Vice President, as we are over the age of 35.

While the vice presidency may seem like a prime launching pad, only 15 U.S. VPs have advanced to the highest office. This highlights the fact that serving as Vice President does not guarantee a path to the presidency, as each individual's qualifications, experience, and public support play a significant role in determining their success in seeking the highest office in the country.

In recent years, there has been speculation and anticipation surrounding the selection of Vice Presidential candidates for major political parties. Who is the Trump VP pick? When is he announcing? Here's the latest news on the rumored Trump shortlist for vice president — including potential contenders like Marco...

Similarly, as political campaigns heat up, candidates like Donald Trump need to choose a running mate for the upcoming election. Donald Trump needs to choose a 2024 running mate. Here are the key contenders vying for a spot on the ticket, showcasing the importance of selecting a qualified and well-received Vice Presidential candidate to strengthen the overall campaign.

Kamala Harris is among the potential replacements to eclipse Biden in support among 18- to 34-year-olds, but the vice president is far from... This demonstrates the influence and appeal of Vice Presidential candidates among different demographic groups, as they can play a crucial role in attracting support from various segments of the population.

On Saturday afternoon, US Vice-President Kamala Harris sat on stage at a black cultural festival in New Orleans, talking about her life... Vice President Kamala Harris is actively engaging with communities and participating in events to connect with voters and share her experiences and perspectives on various issues.

The US president and his backers are scrambling to assure voters of his mental fitness after the presidential debate. This highlights the scrutiny and attention placed on the mental and physical capabilities of both the President and Vice President, as the public and political opponents closely monitor their performance and behavior.

Vice President Kamala Harris is leading a parade of Black Democrats who warn that the threat of another Donald Trump presidency is the most... Vice Presidents, like Kamala Harris, play a critical role in mobilizing support and advocating for their party's agenda, especially during crucial election periods.

Could the vice president be our best hope of saving the country from Trump? In this exclusive excerpt from our profile, Joan Walsh meets... This question raises the idea of Vice Presidents as potential saviors or key figures in shaping the direction and future of the country, especially during challenging political landscapes.

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