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Dr. Phil's Controversial Interview with Donald Trump Raises Eyebrows

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Dr. Phil McGraw's interview with Donald Trump sparks political debate.

description: an anonymous man in a suit sits across from a well-known television host, engaging in a heated discussion. the setting appears to be a luxurious room, indicating a high-profile interview taking place.

An interview with TV's Dr. Phil was a good demonstration of the type of confrontation Trump prefers. Dr. Phil sat down with Donald Trump for an interview for McGraw's new network. The former president had a sympathetic ear in Dr. Phil McGraw, who did not challenge Trump's assertions. His comments to Dr. Phil McGraw come after he said it's 'very possible' his political enemies may face prosecution if he's elected. The former president has long been teasing that he's going to weaponize the Justice Department to go after his political enemies. Republican presidential candidate and convicted felon continues campaign swing across western states. Trump tells Dr Phil taking revenge on political opponents 'can be justified' in wild interview: Live updates. Dr Phil has been accused of pandering to Donald Trump during in an interview at the former president's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Republican presidential candidate and convicted felon continues conservative media blitz and returns to campaign trail in Arizona.

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