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President Joe Biden's First Dog Commander Removed from White House

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President Biden's German shepherd Commander removed from White House after biting incidents.

description: an image showing a german shepherd dog standing in a white house hallway, looking alert and attentive. the dog's ears are perked up and it appears to be on high alert.

Presidential dogs have been in the news before. Usually, their bark is worse than their bite. Commander's different. President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden's 2-year-old German shepherd, Commander, has been involved in more biting incidents than expected. After at least 11 biting incidents that we know of, President Biden's dog Commander is no longer at the White House. Commander bit a Secret Service agent, causing concern for the safety of those around him.

President Biden has given first dog Commander to relatives, the White House said Wednesday following revelations of more brutal attacks on staff members. WASHINGTON (TND) — President Joe Biden's dog Commander is back in the spotlight after a batch of emails revealed the first family's pet has been aggressive towards multiple people. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen found a dog's bite to be worse than its bark on Thursday, when Moldovan President Maia Sandu's visit was disrupted by Commander's aggressive behavior.

President Biden's dog, Commander, bit another Secret Service agent at the White House on Monday, the Secret Service confirmed. As the nation's capitol teems with backbiting, President Biden's dog Commander has been exiled from the White House for a series of nipping incidents. President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, is receiving training after reports that the German Shepherd has been involved in biting incidents.


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