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Shakira Lynn Hawkins: A Fresh Face in Detroit's Congressional Race

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Shakira Lynn Hawkins enters Detroit's political scene with confidence and determination.

description: an anonymous woman in a business attire, standing confidently at a campaign event in detroit, surrounded by a diverse group of supporters holding up signs and banners with slogans of hope and change. the woman's determined expression and poised demeanor convey a sense of purpose and dedication to her political aspirations.

Shakira Lynn Hawkins says her lack of experience may be an asset in a three-way race to represent Detroit in Congress. As a newcomer to the political arena, she brings a fresh perspective and a drive to make a positive impact on her community. Despite her limited background in politics, Hawkins believes that her outsider status allows her to bring a unique voice to the table and connect with voters on a more personal level.

However, Hawkins' journey into the political spotlight has not been without challenges. She was terminated from Detroit's Law Department Wednesday based on a federal law that prevents government employees from running for office while still employed. This setback has only fueled her determination to prove herself and demonstrate her commitment to serving the people of Detroit.

The first-term Democrat, a millionaire businessman, faces several primary challengers as he seeks to defend his seat in the 13th Congressional District, which includes Detroit, Grosse Pointes, and parts of Downriver. Most of the Democratic angst over the incumbent Rep. stems from concerns over his handling of key issues affecting the district, giving Hawkins an opportunity to present herself as a viable alternative.

On the porch of the Grand Hotel on Thursday, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced his endorsement of Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Waters, a seasoned politician with a strong track record of community engagement and advocacy. Despite facing tough competition in the race, Hawkins remains steadfast in her commitment to representing the interests of Detroit residents and bringing about positive change in the community.

Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett agreed with elections staff that Adam Hollier did not submit enough valid voter signatures to qualify for the ballot, further narrowing the field of candidates vying for the congressional seat. This development presents an opportunity for Hawkins to distinguish herself and showcase her vision for Detroit's future.

A Detroit Democrat will not appear on the ballot after building significant support within the party in his attempt to unseat U.S. Rep. This unexpected turn of events creates a new dynamic in the race, with Hawkins poised to capitalize on the shifting political landscape and make her mark as a contender in the congressional election.

These days, Mary Waters, Detroit City Councilmember At-Large, is facilitating a delicate but impressive political balancing act as she navigates the complexities of the congressional race. Hawkins' entry into the fray adds another layer of competition and diversity to the field, highlighting the importance of engaging with a wide range of perspectives and ideas in shaping the future of Detroit.

Updated, 10:35 p.m. 4/23/24; 11:06 a.m., 4/24/24. With the window for ballot access applications coming to a close on Tuesday, the last-minute developments in the congressional race have set the stage for a dynamic and closely contested campaign. As Hawkins continues to gain traction and build momentum in her bid for Congress, she remains committed to empowering the voices of Detroit residents and advocating for their interests on a national stage.

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