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The Persistent Pursuit of Justice: The Story of Marylin Pierre

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Explore the legal journey of attorney Marylin Pierre in Maryland.

description: an anonymous attorney in a courtroom, passionately advocating for her beliefs during a judicial debate, surrounded by fellow candidates and community members.

For the fourth time, Rockville attorney Marylin Pierre is running to be a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge, following unsuccessful attempts in previous elections. Despite facing challenges from incumbent judges and other candidates, Pierre remains determined to serve her community from the bench.

Marylin Pierre, a lawyer who ran for a seat on the Montgomery County Circuit Court in 2020, was reprimanded by the Maryland Supreme Court for her actions. Despite this setback, Pierre continues to advocate for stronger free-speech standards within the legal profession.

Four incumbents, challenger Marylin Pierre spar during Bethesda-Chevy Chase Democratic club virtual session, highlighting the competitive nature of judicial elections and the importance of engaging with the community.

Marylin Pierre is one of two lawyers disciplined in Maryland who are asking the U.S. Supreme Court for stronger free-speech standards, reflecting her commitment to upholding constitutional rights even in the face of adversity.

Attorney Grievance Commission asks Maryland's highest court to take action regarding the disciplinary actions against Marylin Pierre, showcasing the regulatory oversight within the legal profession.

In contrast to two years ago, when appointed circuit court judges in three major jurisdictions around the state failed to survive the election process, Marylin Pierre's persistence in seeking a judicial position demonstrates her resilience and dedication to public service.

Five candidates, including four sitting judges, are vying for four seats on the bench for the Montgomery County Circuit Court, with Marylin Pierre standing out as a formidable challenger with a strong legal background.

The nation's highest court will not take up the case of two Maryland lawyers, including Marylin Pierre, who were disciplined for comments made about judges, underscoring the complexities of legal ethics and professional conduct.

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