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Brandon Herrera's Controversial Run for Congress Sparks Debate

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YouTube gun advocate Brandon Herrera runs for Congress in San Antonio.

description: an anonymous man with a large online following is seen in a video discussing firearms, sparking controversy and debate among viewers.

Republican runoff candidate Brandon Herrera doesn't belong in Congress. Just look at the YouTube star's videos. Herrera, known for promoting guns on his popular YouTube channel, has now entered the political arena by running for Congress in San Antonio. His controversial background has sparked a heated debate among voters and politicians alike.

U.S. Rep. Gonzales is facing criticism from the right for his support of a bipartisan gun safety bill following the tragic Uvalde school shooting. The bill, aimed at preventing future tragedies, has caused a rift within the Republican party and has brought attention to the issue of gun control in Texas.

As the 2024 Texas primary election unfolds, live results and maps are available for constituents to track the race for Congressional District 23. Incumbent Congressman Tony Gonzales is facing a tough challenge from Brandon Herrera, a firearm salesman with a large online following.

Gonzales, who represents Uvalde, Texas, made headlines for breaking with his party to support the gun safety bill. His decision was met with mixed reactions, with some praising his bipartisan approach and others questioning his loyalty to conservative values.

In the Republican primary race for Texas Congressional District 23, Brandon Herrera has emerged as a formidable opponent to incumbent Congressman Tony Gonzales. The heated race has drawn national attention, with both candidates vying for the support of voters in the district.

Despite falling short of the 50% threshold needed to avoid a May GOP primary runoff, Gonzales remains confident in his ability to secure another term in office. However, Herrera's growing popularity and grassroots support pose a significant challenge to the incumbent's reelection campaign.

Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas faced backlash from his own party for his decision to support the bipartisan gun safety bill. The rare rebuke highlighted the deep divisions within the GOP on the issue of gun control and raised questions about Gonzales' conservative credentials.

YouTuber Brandon Herrera made headlines for controversial remarks about a German World War II-era submachine gun, referring to it as the "original ghetto blaster." The video sparked outrage among viewers and drew attention to Herrera's provocative online persona.

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