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RealClearPolitics Polling Average Reveals Shifts in 2024 Election Trends

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Analysis of latest polls on 2024 election and implications for candidates.

description: a group of political analysts gathered around a table, discussing charts and graphs showing the latest polling data for the 2024 election. they appear engrossed in the conversation, with expressions of concern and determination on their faces.

Ten days after the 2020 election, Tom Bevan, co-founder and president of RealClearPolitics, received an email from a New York Times reporter. The reporter wanted to know his thoughts on the upcoming 2024 election and how polling averages were shaping up for potential candidates. Bevan eagerly responded, citing a recent uptick in support for President Joe Biden in some key swing states.

RCP co-founder Tom Bevan and Washington bureau chief Carl Cannon discuss the latest 2024 election polls, including one poll showing Biden up by five points over his potential Republican challenger. They note that while Biden's numbers have improved in recent weeks, there is still a long way to go before the election.

John Cassidy on what recent polls—many of which suggest Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump—mean for the 2024 election and the Democratic Party's chances of retaining the White House. Cassidy points out that while Biden may be facing some challenges, there is still time for him to turn things around and secure a second term.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may prove to be the greatest potential spoiler for Joe Biden as he got an average of three percent support in recent polls. Kennedy's presence in the race could siphon off crucial votes from Biden, making it harder for the president to secure re-election.

Unless you are deeply immersed in politics, you likely missed a major development over the last three weeks: Since his State of the Union address, President Biden's approval ratings have been on the decline. This has led to speculation about his chances in the 2024 election and whether he can overcome the current negative trend.

A new New York Times/Siena College poll released Saturday has former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden 48% to 43%, a significant shift from previous polls that showed Biden in the lead. This latest poll has raised questions about Biden's ability to maintain momentum heading into the 2024 election.

RCP co-founder and president Tom Bevan comments on 'upward movement for Biden' in the latest two-way election polls, Tuesday, April 2, highlighting the president's improved standing among key demographics. Bevan notes that while Biden still faces challenges, his recent gains are a positive sign for his re-election prospects.

There's a strange disjunction in the discourse about the 2024 elections. On the one hand, when presented with the proposition “Trump can win in 2024,” many pundits and analysts dismiss it as wishful thinking. However, recent polls suggest that Trump remains a formidable contender and could pose a serious threat to Biden's re-election bid.

President Biden's sliding poll numbers have set off alarm signals among Democrats who are beginning to see that he might lose the 2024 election if current trends continue. This has sparked internal debates within the party about how to best position Biden for success in the upcoming election and whether changes need to be made to his campaign strategy.

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