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When is the Next Leap Day? Exploring the Significance of February 29

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Delve into the history and traditions surrounding Leap Day celebrations.

description: an anonymous image of a group of friends celebrating leap day at a local restaurant, enjoying drinks and laughter as they raise their glasses in a toast to the extra day in february.

February 29, also known as Leap Day, is a date that occurs only once every four years, in a leap year. But why is February 29 called leap day, and what would happen if leap years went away? The concept of adding an extra day to the calendar every four years is necessary to keep our modern Gregorian calendar in sync with the Earth's revolutions around the sun.

It's Leap Day. Have you decided how you want to spend it? Some consider the extra day in February a blessing, with additional hours to pursue their passions, spend time with loved ones, or simply relax and enjoy a break from the usual routine. Others may see it as just another day, but for those born on February 29, known as Leaplings, it's a rare opportunity to truly celebrate their birthdays on the correct date.

Feb. 29 only comes every four years – here are some fun ways to celebrate the bonus day in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. From special events and discounts to unique experiences, communities across the country come together to make the most of this once-in-every-four-year occurrence. Whether it's attending a leap day-themed party or indulging in a leap day deal, there are plenty of ways to mark the occasion.

Leap days are special for a few reasons, including finally celebrating the birthdays of Leaplings (those born on Leap Day), an extra day of opportunities and adventures, and the quirky traditions associated with this rare occurrence. Some people choose to use this day to make a leap of faith in their lives, whether it's proposing to a loved one, starting a new venture, or embarking on a thrilling adventure.

To celebrate the Leap Day babies out there, we've found some celebrities and notable folks who were born on Feb. 29. Fittingly, we've got 29 famous individuals who share this unique birthdate, from musicians and actors to athletes and politicians. Despite the rarity of being born on Leap Day, these individuals have made a significant impact in their respective fields and continue to inspire others with their achievements.

2024 is a leap year, meaning Thursday, Feb. 29 is a once-in-every-four-year event. Since leap years typically happen every four years, it's important to mark your calendars and make the most of this extra day. Whether you choose to celebrate with friends and family, take a leap of faith, or simply enjoy the novelty of the occasion, Leap Day offers a chance to break free from the routine and embrace the unexpected.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Are you looking for a Leap Day deal? You're not alone! The 'Krazy Coupon Lady' has put together a list of deals for savvy shoppers looking to save on this special day. From discounts on food and drinks to sales on clothing and electronics, there are plenty of opportunities to snag a bargain and make the most of Leap Day savings.

These adorable new additions to life at the Jersey Shore won't have a true birthday for four more years, due to the leap day quirk of the calendar. For parents of children born on February 29, celebrating their birthdays can be a unique and memorable experience. From creative party ideas to special traditions, there are many ways to make Leap Day birthdays truly special for these little ones.

On Thursday, Feb. 29, aka Leap Day, Krispy Kreme customers can buy any regularly priced dozen and get another dozen original glazed donuts for just $2.29. This sweet deal is a tasty way to celebrate Leap Day and indulge in some delicious treats. Whether you're a fan of classic glazed donuts or prefer a variety of flavors, this offer is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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