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Sharon Toney Finch and Her Political Journey

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Learn about Sharon Toney Finch's political career and controversies.

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Sharon Toney Finch is a political figure who has gained a reputation for her controversial statements and actions. She has been involved in several political parties throughout her career, including the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party. Her political views are characterized by a strong emphasis on individual liberties and limited government intervention.

Toney Finch's political career began in the Republican Party, where she served as the chair of the party's youth outreach committee in Oklahoma. She also ran for a seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives as a Republican candidate in 2010 but was unsuccessful. After her defeat, she left the Republican Party and joined the Libertarian Party in 2012.

As a member of the Libertarian Party, Toney Finch became involved in several campaigns, including Gary Johnson's presidential campaign in 2012 and 2016. She also ran for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission as a Libertarian candidate in 2016 but lost to the Republican candidate.

In 2018, Toney Finch left the Libertarian Party and joined the Constitution Party. She ran for Oklahoma Governor as a Constitution Party candidate but was not able to secure enough votes to win the election.

Throughout her political career, Toney Finch has been involved in several controversies. One of the most notable controversies was her claim that she received a Purple Heart for her service in the military. The Army has no record of this, and state officials are currently investigating her claim.

Another controversy that Toney Finch has been involved in is a report that claimed veterans were kicked out of a Hudson Valley hotel to make room for newly arrived migrants. This report turned out to be untrue, and politicians have since apologized for spreading false information.

In another instance, Toney Finch was accused of fabricating a story about homeless military veterans being evicted from a New York hotel. This story turned out to be false, and Toney Finch was criticized for spreading misinformation.

Recently, Toney Finch was in the news again after it was reported that a group of homeless men in New York state were tricked into posing as veterans for the purpose of spreading a story shaming migrants. Toney Finch denies any involvement in this scheme.

It is clear that Toney Finch's political career has been marked by controversy and criticism. Her views on individual liberties and limited government intervention have garnered support from some, but her actions and statements have also alienated many. Toney Finch continues to be involved in politics and is currently a member of the Constitution Party.

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