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TikTok CEO Testifies Before Congress Over National Security Concerns

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TikTok CEO Shou Chew faces congressional scrutiny over ties to China.

A screenshot of a TikTok video collage featuring clips of Shou Chew's testimony before Congress, set to upbeat music. The video includes comments from users praising Chew's performance and expressing support for the app.

TikTok CEO Shou Chew testified before Congress on Thursday, defending the app's ties to China and addressing concerns over potential national security threats. The hearing was prompted by growing concerns over the popular short-form video app's ties to China, where it is owned by a company called ByteDance. The app has been accused of collecting user data and sharing it with the Chinese government, which both TikTok and ByteDance deny.

Clips from Chew's testimony went viral on TikTok, with users cheering on the CEO as he faced tough questioning from lawmakers. The CEO's performance was praised by many on the platform, with some even creating video collages and thirsty comments dedicated to him.

TikTok's chief executive, Shou Zi Chew, tried to fend off a barrage of congressional criticism on Thursday, but after several hours of often tense exchanges, it was clear that the app's troubles were far from over. Chew faced questions about everything from data privacy to censorship to the company's relationship with the Chinese government.

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's testimony before Congress on Thursday appears to have done little to allay Washington's concerns about whether the app poses a national security threat. While Chew emphasized the company's commitment to user privacy and data security, many lawmakers remained skeptical.

TikTok, and its CEO Shou Chew, never really stood a chance. The company has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the US government over the past year, with President Trump threatening to ban the app outright. While the Biden administration has taken a more measured approach, concerns over national security remain.

Thursday's congressional hearing on the supposedly unique dangers posed by TikTok confirmed one thing for me: Many lawmakers are in over their heads when it comes to technology. While some questions were legitimate, others seemed designed to score political points or generate headlines.

But while the hearing may not have resolved all of the concerns over TikTok's ties to China, it did shed light on some of the challenges facing social media companies in the modern era. As more and more of our lives move online, the need for strong data privacy protections and transparency around how user data is collected and used will only become more important.

In the end, it's unclear what the long-term impact of the hearing will be for TikTok and its CEO. While some users on the platform may have been won over by Chew's performance, many lawmakers remain skeptical. And with concerns over national security continuing to swirl, it's likely that the app will continue to face intense scrutiny for the foreseeable future.

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