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Google for Education Unveils New Features and Integrations at ISTELive 23

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Google Classroom introduces enhancements for teachers and students' learning experiences.

description: an image showing a classroom with students using laptops and tablets, engaged in a collaborative learning environment.

Google for Education has unveiled a host of new features and integrations at ISTELive 23 happening this week in Philadelphia. The event showcases the latest advancements in educational technology and aims to enhance the teaching and learning experience for educators and students alike.

One of the standout features in Google Classroom is the ability for schools and teachers to have more control over assignment submission deadlines. With this new feature, teachers can set specific due dates and times, ensuring that students submit their work on time. This helps in better organization and time management for both teachers and students.

Another exciting addition to Google Classroom is the introduction of Reading Mode. This customizable reader view reduces distracting elements on the screen and allows users to adjust typeface, font size, and spacing according to their preferences. This feature promotes a more focused and personalized reading experience, making it easier for students to engage with the content.

While Google's Chromebooks have been widely adopted in classrooms across the United States, they have faced criticism for generating waste and costs. Critics argue that these products eventually become incapable of receiving security updates, leading to a need for replacement. However, Google continues to improve its sustainability efforts and enhance the lifespan of Chromebooks to address these concerns.

In Southern Peru, Adventist Education has become the first educational institution to implement Google Classroom Innovation. This modern and dynamic educational system has revolutionized the learning experience for students, providing them with access to digital resources and fostering collaboration and creativity.

Wake County Public School System schools are making a transition to Canvas, a new learning management system, next month. Canvas offers a comprehensive platform for teachers and students to access and manage educational resources, assignments, and grades in one place. This transition aims to streamline the learning process and enhance communication between teachers and students.

ClassLink is another valuable tool in the education sector, serving as a single sign-on solution for staff and students. With ClassLink, users can easily access all approved digital resources and applications, eliminating the need for multiple logins and saving valuable instructional time.

Putnam City Schools (PCS) in Oklahoma City has made the decision to resume in-person learning, starting from November 2. This move reflects the district's commitment to providing a safe and effective learning environment for students, while adhering to necessary health guidelines and precautions.

The integration of NOLEJ AI into the Google Classroom Ecosystem empowers educators to effortlessly create engaging content in near real-time. This powerful tool utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance teaching materials, making them more interactive and immersive. With NOLEJ AI, educators can create a dynamic and inclusive learning experience for their students.

In conclusion, Google for Education continues to innovate and improve the educational landscape with its new features and integrations. From enhanced assignment management to personalized reading experiences and sustainable technology solutions, Google Classroom strives to provide teachers and students with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

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