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Tricia Dare: The Fight Against Fraudulent Signatures in Politics

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Exposing the truth behind a scandalous case of political sabotage.

description: an anonymous woman with a determined expression, surrounded by stacks of paperwork and campaign materials, symbolizing the fight for justice in the face of political corruption.

In the quiet suburbs of Oakland County, Michigan, a scandal is unfolding that has shocked the local political scene. Candidate Interview: Nicole Huddleston for Judge in 6th Circuit Court (Crystal A. Proxmire, June 29, 2024). Preliminary exams held Wednesday in 37th District Court in Warren for Shawn Wilmoth, his wife, Jamie Wilmoth, and Willie Reed revealed a web of deceit that has cast a shadow over the upcoming elections.

Three people face more than two dozen charges on accusations of collecting fraudulent signatures for multiple state and local candidates in 2022. Their alleged actions kept candidates from the August 2022 primary ballot because they did not have enough valid signatures. About 70,000 fraudulent signatures were submitted on 10 petitions for candidates in 2022. A preliminary exam started Wednesday for three individuals involved in the scandal, including Shawn Wilmoth, his wife, Jamie Wilmoth, and Willie Reed.

In the midst of this scandal is Tricia Dare, a local activist who has been tirelessly working to uncover the truth behind the fraudulent signatures. There's a park near Tricia Hanson Sapp's home in southwest Fort Worth that she calls Princess Park. The princess was her daughter, Sara, whose life was tragically cut short by a drunk driver. Tricia has channeled her grief into fighting for justice and integrity in the political process.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced felony charges against three campaign circulators Thursday morning in connection with a scheme to submit fraudulent signatures on candidate petitions. The three people have been implicated in a conspiracy to manipulate the electoral process and undermine the democratic rights of voters.

Prosecutor Jessica Cooper of Oakland County, Michigan, has aggressively pursued life without parole for children, critics say. As the legal proceedings unfold, Tricia Dare remains steadfast in her mission to hold those responsible for the fraudulent signatures accountable. The scandal has raised concerns about the integrity of the political process and the need for greater oversight to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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