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The Controversy Surrounding Edgenuity in High School Education

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Exploring the impact of Edgenuity on students, parents, and teachers.

description: an anonymous high school classroom setting with students sitting at their desks, each engrossed in their laptops as they navigate through the edgenuity platform. the teacher stands at the front of the room, monitoring their progress.

Every day, senior Abigail Troilo starts her four-hour school day at 10 a.m. Upon hearing this, the average student would likely assume that she has a relaxed schedule. However, Abigail is among the many students who have turned to online learning platforms like Edgenuity for their education.

After the teacher retired, an iFlagler teacher coordinated an online program with the students so they could continue the course through the Edgenuity platform. This transition to virtual learning has become increasingly common in high schools across the United States, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least 600 students at Chancellor High School are learning math through an online learning tool called Edgenuity. While some students find success with this platform, others have expressed frustration with the lack of support and engagement they receive compared to traditional classroom settings.

Throughout the course of the semester, I have lost all faith in the WCSD. They have failed to support students, their families, and school staff in the transition to online learning with Edgenuity. Many employees were even asked to sign nondisclosure agreements in order to receive their severance packages, leaving them in a state of uncertainty.

Edgenuity's software wasn't meant for a pandemic. That didn't stop some school districts from implementing it as their primary mode of instruction. Interviews with eight parents in five states showed mixed reactions to the effectiveness of Edgenuity in ensuring quality education for their children.

This article is part of the Big Shortcut, an eight-part series exploring the exponential rise in online learning for high school students. Edgenuity has become a central player in this shift towards virtual education, raising questions about the long-term implications for students' academic success and well-being.

Schools across the US are using Edgenuity, an online learning platform that offers virtual classes for students. While some praise its flexibility and accessibility, others criticize its impersonal nature and limited interaction with teachers.

Parents at the protest said they feel misled, especially in the absence of instruction by WCS teachers with the use of Edgenuity. 'They made a commitment to our children's education, and they're not fulfilling it,' one parent lamented. The controversy surrounding Edgenuity highlights the challenges of balancing online learning with traditional teaching methods.

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