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Nixon's Role as Ballot Integrity Director for No Labels Group

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Former Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon joins No Labels for 2024 ballot access.

description: an image showing a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities gathered around a table, engaged in a lively discussion about politics. they are all wearing badges with the no labels logo.

Nixon, a Democrat, will be the "ballot integrity director" for No Labels group seeking 2024 ballot access. By: Rudi Keller - July 31, NEW YORK (AP) — Former Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri is joining No Labels' increasingly contentious effort to lay the groundwork for a third-party presidential candidate in 2024. Nixon will serve as the "ballot integrity director" for the group, which is seeking to secure ballot access for an independent candidate in all 50 states. No Labels aims to bridge the partisan divide and promote problem-solving in politics.

Nixon's Southern strategy, developed with Kevin Phillips, who died this week, ended up permanently changing the Republican Party. The strategy focused on appealing to white, conservative voters in the South and was instrumental in the realignment of political parties in the United States. Nixon's involvement with No Labels, a non-partisan organization, showcases his willingness to work across party lines and seek common ground.

Missouri's former Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon is at odds with fellow Democrats who are trying to stop a group called No Labels from going forward with its plans for a third-party presidential candidate. Some Democrats argue that Nixon's involvement with No Labels could potentially split the Democratic vote and harm their chances in the 2024 election. However, Nixon believes that a third-party candidate can bring fresh ideas and challenge the two-party system that often leads to gridlock.

Democratic State Rep. Angie Nixon pleaded with her peers on the state House floor Tuesday afternoon to humanize innocent Gazans with a resolution condemning Israel's actions against the Palestinians. While not directly related to Nixon's role as the ballot integrity director, this shows the diverse range of political discussions and debates happening within the Democratic Party.

"The whole secret of politics," Kevin Phillips told Garry Wills in 1968, is "knowing who hates who." For a time—particularly during the 1968 election—Nixon's political strategies were centered around understanding the divisions and animosities within society. No Labels, as an organization, aims to unite Americans around a third-party presidential candidate, focusing on problem-solving rather than partisan hatred.

The political organization No Labels says it wants to unite Americans around a third-party presidential candidate. This aligns with Nixon's role as the ballot integrity director, as he will be working towards securing ballot access for an independent candidate in all 50 states. No Labels seeks to break the two-party dominance and promote a more inclusive and collaborative political landscape.

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