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The Impact of MEPs in European Politics: A Closer Look

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Exploring the roles and controversies surrounding Members of European Parliament.

description: an anonymous image of a group of meps engaged in a heated debate in the european parliament chamber, with flags of various member states visible in the background.

In today's special edition of the Capitals, please find out more about how the European elections went down in all the member states. The European Parliament (MEPs) plays a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of the European Union. As representatives of the citizens of the EU, MEPs are elected to serve in the European Parliament and participate in decision-making processes that affect millions of people.

POLITICO's guide to key European lawmakers to pay attention to in the run-up to EU election June 6-9 highlights the importance of understanding the individuals who hold positions of power within the EU. These MEPs have the ability to influence policies, laws, and regulations that have far-reaching consequences for the member states.

EU institutions should codify stricter definitions of foreign influence and interference, and they should pass additional reforms to ensure transparency and accountability within the political system. The rise of populism and nationalist movements across Europe has raised concerns about the integrity of the democratic process and the influence of external actors on EU policies.

From romance to football, alleged corruption to insulting the boss: MEPs can lose their political moorings in a variety of ways. The personal lives and actions of MEPs can often overshadow their political responsibilities, leading to scandals and controversies that undermine public trust in the political system.

Merryn here again, with an often-overlooked reason to avoid defined benefit pensions. And a reminder: if you haven't listened to the latest podcast episode, be sure to check it out for more insights into the world of European politics.

European Council President Charles Michel plans to run in June's European Parliament elections and quit his current post if successful. The decision to transition from a national leadership role to a position within the European Parliament reflects the growing importance of EU politics on the global stage.

TIME sat down with the historic President of the European Parliament to talk Qatargate and transforming the EU. The interview sheds light on the challenges and opportunities facing the EU, as well as the critical role of MEPs in shaping the future of the European project.

German MEP says deal would violate the separation of powers and endanger the independence of the legislative branch. The issue of political autonomy and the balance of power within the EU institutions is a topic of ongoing debate and controversy among MEPs and policymakers.

Mr Kelly's surplus was the largest distribution of the day with his party colleagues John Mullins taking over 2600 votes. The electoral dynamics within the European Parliament reflect the diverse political landscape of the EU member states, with individual MEPs playing a crucial role in shaping the future of European politics.

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