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Leap Day Celebrations: From Frogs to Free Food Deals

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Exploring the significance of Leap Day and how to celebrate.

description: an image of a frog leaping through the air, with a calendar showing february 29 in the background.

Leap Day is the perfect day to add a new member to your family, and what better than a frog! Gary's Pet Jungle (2857 S Howell Ave.) has a special promotion for Leap Day where you can adopt a cute amphibian friend to leap into your life.

It's not your imagination, February was a long month this year—longer, in fact, than it has been since 2020. This is because 2024 is a leap year, adding an extra day to the calendar to keep our timekeeping in sync with the Earth's orbit around the sun.

Leap Day deals include Dunkin', Chipotle, Wendy's, Build-A-Bear and Chuck E. Cheese. Many businesses offer special promotions and discounts on Leap Day to celebrate this rare occurrence.

Why do we have leap years, and what are we supposed to do — or not do — with our rare extra day? NPR's Morning Edition spoke with experts to explain the history and significance of Leap Day, as well as how to make the most of this bonus day.

It's that time, again: Just about every four years (but not quite), the western calendar adds a day – Feb. 29 – in what's known as a leap year. This adjustment is necessary to ensure that our calendar stays in alignment with the changing seasons.

A look at how to get free and discounted food on Leap Day 2024, from Chipotle to Krispy Kreme. Many restaurants and food chains offer special deals and promotions on Leap Day, giving you a chance to enjoy some delicious treats at a discount.

What better way to celebrate that extra day on Feb. 29 than treating yourself to a deal? See which restaurants and other places offer special discounts and promotions for Leap Day, allowing you to indulge without breaking the bank.

With 2024 being a leap year, some might have questions about what an extra 24 hours can mean in the legal world. Leap Day can have implications for contracts, deadlines, and other legal matters, so it's important to understand how this extra day fits into the legal framework.

Leap Day 2024: The concept of Leap Day was established by Roman Dictator Julius Caesar for the Julian Calendar in 45 BCE. This additional day every four years helps to keep our calendar in sync with the solar year and is a fascinating tradition with roots in ancient history.

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