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The NFL Thanksgiving Tradition: Football, Family, and Turkey

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Explore the long-standing tradition of NFL football on Thanksgiving Day.

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Whether you center your entire day around the game or it is what is on in the background while you mindlessly scroll on your phone after devouring a delicious turkey dinner, NFL football on Thanksgiving has become an essential part of the holiday for many Americans. Thanksgiving is all about family, food, and football! If you like to watch the NFL during the holiday, here is all the information about the teams and games you can expect this year.

The upcoming NFL season will feature the first Black Friday game in the history of the league. The day-after-Thanksgiving game will be an exciting addition to the Thanksgiving tradition, extending the football festivities beyond just Thursday. Fans can look forward to another thrilling matchup on this special day.

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys are the two teams that have become synonymous with Thanksgiving football. Find out when and how these teams started their Thanksgiving tradition in the NFL. Discover the rich history behind these games, from the early beginnings to the present day.

Football is a Thanksgiving tradition rooted about as deeply as turkey and Charlie Brown. Every year, millions of families tune in to watch the NFL games on Thanksgiving Day. From the early morning high school games to the professional matchups in the afternoon and evening, football is an essential part of the holiday experience for many.

Thursday's games should see playoff jockeying between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions, as well as between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. These matchups are crucial for the teams' playoff hopes, making Thanksgiving football even more exciting for fans.

The NFL's annual Thanksgiving tripleheader returns for the 2022 regular season, featuring three playoff squads from the previous season. This lineup ensures that fans will witness high-stakes and competitive games throughout the day. Don't miss out on the action-packed football extravaganza on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day to sports fans is as much about football as it is about the traditional turkey dinner. From high school football in the morning to watching professional games in the afternoon and evening, the day is packed with exciting matchups. Gather your family and friends, grab some snacks, and enjoy the thrilling NFL games that have become a beloved Thanksgiving tradition.

Every year, millions tune in to watch the annual Thanksgiving NFL games, but how did football become so connected to the holiday? Discover the origins of this long-standing tradition and how it has evolved over the years. Learn about the significance of football on Thanksgiving and the role it plays in bringing families together.

In conclusion, NFL football on Thanksgiving Day is a cherished tradition that has become a staple of the holiday. The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have played a significant role in establishing and maintaining this tradition. With the addition of a Black Friday game, the excitement and festivities surrounding Thanksgiving football are set to reach new heights. Gather your loved ones, indulge in delicious food, and enjoy the thrilling NFL matchups that have become an integral part of the Thanksgiving experience.

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