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Robert Card: Army Reservist Suspected in Maine Shooting Rampage

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Army reservist Robert Card allegedly goes on a shooting rampage.

description: an anonymous image depicts a man with a blurred face wearing military attire, holding a firearm.

A 40-year-old Army reservist, Robert Card, is wanted for murder in connection with two mass shootings that took place in Lewiston, Maine. The shooting rampage occurred on Wednesday night, leaving at least 18 people dead and more than a dozen wounded. According to the Army, Card joined the Reserves in December 2002 and remains an active duty member. He holds the rank of [rank].

Law enforcement agencies have initiated a manhunt to apprehend Card, who is still at large. Authorities have labeled him as "armed and dangerous," emphasizing the urgency to capture him. The shootings have shocked the community and raised concerns about gun laws and their impact on public safety.

Card's background reveals that he is not only an Army reservist but also a firearms instructor. This information raises questions about the role of mental health evaluations for individuals in such positions. Reports indicate that Card has a history of mental health issues, further highlighting the need for stricter regulations and monitoring for those who possess firearms.

The family of Robert Card has made a public plea for him to surrender to authorities, urging him to take responsibility for his actions. Their cooperation could potentially assist in the investigation and apprehension process. The community is anxiously waiting for Card's apprehension to bring closure to the victims' families and ensure public safety.

As the main suspect in the shootings, Robert Card was identified by the police in Lewiston, Maine. He is a 41-year-old retired military officer, which adds to the shock and disbelief surrounding the incident. The authorities have been working tirelessly to gather evidence and locate Card, hoping to bring an end to the manhunt that has gripped the region.

The mass shooting in Maine has prompted discussions about national security and the need for comprehensive measures to prevent such tragedies. The incident serves as a reminder that even individuals with military backgrounds can pose a threat to public safety. It raises questions about the effectiveness of current gun laws in preventing such devastating incidents.

With the suspect still at large, law enforcement agencies are focusing their efforts on locating and apprehending Robert Card. The urgency to capture him stems from the fact that he is considered "armed and dangerous." The public is being urged to remain vigilant and report any information that may lead to his capture.

In summary, Robert Card's alleged involvement in a shooting rampage in Maine has shocked the community and ignited discussions about gun laws and mental health evaluations. As a 40-year-old Army reservist and firearms instructor, Card's actions raise concerns about the potential risks associated with individuals in similar positions. The ongoing manhunt highlights the need for improved national security measures to prevent such tragedies and ensure public safety.

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