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The Power of Pantsuit Politics: Bringing Civility to Political Discourse

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Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers promote civil political discussions.

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Commerce Lexington's 2024 EMERGE Conference presented by University of Kentucky Online will bring together business professionals from various industries to discuss emerging trends and innovations. Among the speakers at the conference are Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, the hosts of the popular podcast "Pantsuit Politics." The duo has gained recognition for their efforts to promote civility in political discourse and bring people together across party lines.

Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers discussed their "Pantsuit Politics" podcast and their focus on bringing civility to political discussions. Their podcast has garnered a large following by providing a platform for respectful conversations about challenging topics. By emphasizing empathy and understanding, they hope to bridge the divide that often characterizes political conversations.

Still, as the first episodes went live, Sarah never thought the Pantsuit Politics podcast would grow into what it is today. The content business has expanded to include live events, merchandise, and a strong community of listeners who engage with the material and each other. The success of the podcast demonstrates the demand for thoughtful, nuanced political discussions in today's polarized climate.

UKNow sat down with Rosenberg College of Law alumna Beth Silvers to learn about the "Pantsuit Politics" approach to talking about politics. Silvers emphasized the importance of listening and seeking common ground in political conversations. By acknowledging differing perspectives and engaging in respectful dialogue, she believes that individuals can find solutions to complex issues.

Their program has raised the bar - Apple podcasts rated "Pantsuit Politics" as one of the best in 2021 - and they talked a bit about women being underrepresented in podcasting and how they are working to change that narrative. By amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, they hope to create a more inclusive and equitable space for political discussions.

Media image. Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers; Podcast co-hosts. Links: Pantsuit Politics · Facebook; @PantsuitPolitic. The image shows two women, presumably Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, sitting together and engaging in conversation. They appear engaged and thoughtful, embodying the spirit of civil discourse promoted by their podcast.

The women behind the podcast Pantsuit Politics say their faith compels them to stay in relationships, even with people with whom they disagree. By prioritizing understanding and empathy, they strive to build connections and find common ground with others. Their approach reflects a commitment to bridging divides and fostering meaningful dialogue in a politically divided world.

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The hosts of Pantsuit Politics on the measures Americans must fight for now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. In the wake of this significant legal decision, they emphasize the importance of advocating for reproductive rights and healthcare access. By mobilizing support and raising awareness, they hope to protect the rights of individuals and ensure that all voices are heard in the ongoing debate.

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