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Republican Sheri Biggs Wins Primary in SC's 3rd Congressional District

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Nurse practitioner Sheri Biggs advances in South Carolina primary runoff.

description: an anonymous woman with a stethoscope around her neck, standing in front of a group of diverse constituents, waving and smiling during a campaign event in south carolina.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Sheri Biggs advances to the primary runoff election in South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. The race for the open seat in South Carolina's 3rd District has gained attention as Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan decided not to run for re-election after seven terms in office. This decision has left the seat wide open, sparking a competitive field of candidates vying for the position.

Sheri Biggs, a nurse practitioner with the endorsement of the state governor, emerged victorious in the Republican primary for South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. Her platform focused on healthcare reform, economic growth, and supporting conservative values. With her win, Biggs is now set to compete in the primary runoff election to secure the party's nomination.

Early voting for the primary runoff election will begin on May 28, allowing voters to cast their ballots until June 7 at six designated locations. Sheri Biggs, a resident of Oconee County, announced her candidacy for the SC Third Congressional District to replace Jeff Duncan and continue his conservative legacy in Congress.

South Carolina's primary election day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, giving voters the opportunity to support candidates for both congressional and state positions. The absence of incumbent Rep. Jeff Duncan has generated heightened interest in the 3rd Congressional District race, drawing attention to Sheri Biggs as a leading contender for the seat.

The race for the 3rd Congressional District in South Carolina has intensified with the upcoming primary runoff election. Sheri Biggs' victory in the Republican primary has positioned her as a frontrunner in the competition to secure the party's nomination. With the support of the state governor and a strong platform, Biggs aims to continue the conservative representation in the district.

In a district where Republican dominance has been a longstanding tradition, the upcoming primary runoff election will determine the party's nominee to succeed Rep. Jeff Duncan. Sheri Biggs' success in the primary signals a shift in leadership within the district and underscores the importance of healthcare reform and economic development in the campaign.

As the primary runoff election approaches, Sheri Biggs remains focused on engaging with voters and addressing key issues facing South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District. With early voting options available and the primary election day drawing near, Biggs is actively campaigning to secure the support of constituents and earn their trust as a candidate for the open seat.

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