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Your Politics Bore Me: A Personal Perspective on Current Affairs

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An introspective look at disinterest in political discussions and news.

description: an anonymous individual sitting on a park bench, looking contemplative and peaceful, surrounded by nature and greenery, disconnected from the chaos of the outside world.

Over the past two weeks, I've been awash in condolences. Friends tell me how deeply sorry for me they feel. They say they can only imagine the stress and anxiety I must be feeling with the current state of politics dominating the news cycle. But the truth is, I feel anything but stressed or anxious. In fact, I feel bored.

Since Hamas's heinous attack against Israel on Oct.7 — which killed more than 1,400 people, many of them civilians — I've received many messages from acquaintances urging me to take a stance on the conflict. They want to know where I stand, what my opinions are, and how I plan to engage with the issue. But the reality is, I haven't been following the news closely enough to form a well-informed opinion. And to be honest, I'm not sure I want to invest the time and energy into doing so.

Fantasy books used to bore me – my kids changed my mind. Susie Mesure's my 15-year-old, fantasy-obsessed son doing his own Alan Lee style illustrations. Maybe it's the escapism they provide or the intricate world-building, but I find myself more engrossed in fictional realms than the real-world politics that seem to be spiraling out of control.

Croatian President's latest political bombshell has shown that late UK PM Harold Wilson's observation – that 'a week is a long time in politics' – still holds true. While political scandals and controversies may captivate the masses, I find myself tuning out, preferring to focus on more positive and uplifting content.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) issues a scathing rebuke of his Republican colleagues as special counsel Robert Hur testifies before the GOP-led Congress. While the political drama unfolds, I find myself disinterested in the back-and-forth arguments and finger-pointing that seem to dominate the discourse.

Are you stuck at home and bored out of your mind? Try these creative activities to ease your boredom. As the world grapples with political unrest and uncertainty, I find solace in engaging in hobbies and pastimes that bring me joy and fulfillment, rather than getting caught up in the never-ending cycle of political news.

Shreyas Iyer is going to play attacking cricket whatever the situation. The India batter returned to Ranji Trophy after a gap of five years, showcasing his talent and determination on the field. While sports may not be completely devoid of politics, I find the competitive spirit and camaraderie more appealing than the divisive nature of political discourse.

These days, Carlos Pagni is Argentina's most influential journalist and political analyst, read by both sides of the grieta chasm. While Pagni's insights may offer valuable perspectives on the current political landscape, I find myself disconnected from the constant barrage of news and analysis that inundates our daily lives.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been living in Montecito, California, since 2020, but a Royal expert has claimed the Duchess is... Despite the royal drama and tabloid headlines that capture the attention of millions, I find myself uninterested in the personal lives and scandals of public figures, preferring to focus on more meaningful and substantive content.

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