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John Glen Weaver Challenges Pete Ricketts for U.S. Senate Seat

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Republican John Glen Weaver runs for U.S. Senate against incumbent Pete Ricketts.

a man in a suit stands at a podium, addressing a crowd of constituents. the room is filled with campaign posters and banners, with supporters gathered around, listening intently to his speech. the man exudes confidence and determination as he speaks about his vision for the future of nebraska.

Republican John Glen Weaver is challenging Pete Ricketts for a two-year term in the U.S. Senate. After falling short in the 2022 GOP primary against U.S. Rep., Weaver tells Picking Corn why he's running for the U.S. Senate. He is determined to bring change and new perspectives to the Senate, advocating for the people of Nebraska.

On May 8, 2024, Incumbent Republicans Pete Ricketts and Deb Fischer are each running to retain their U.S. Senate seats. Sen. Pete Ricketts (R-Neb.) is projected to easily win his Republican primary, according to Decision Desk HQ. Despite the odds, Weaver remains resilient in his campaign efforts, traveling across Nebraska with his toddler son in tow.

During a recent meeting, members of the group's central committee voted to withdraw endorsements of Bacon and Ricketts, signaling a shift in support within the party. This move may have implications for the upcoming election and could potentially sway voters in Weaver's favor.

In McCook, Nebraska, a representative for Senator Deb Fischer faced tough questions from community members at a public event. This interaction highlights the importance of accountability and transparency in government, issues that Weaver hopes to address if elected to the Senate.

In Kearney, John Glen Weaver continues to campaign for a two-year term in the United States Senate. His dedication to the people of Nebraska and his commitment to making a difference in Washington are evident in his campaign efforts.

Despite facing tough competition from incumbent Senators Fischer and Ricketts, Weaver remains focused on his goal of representing Nebraska in the Senate. With the support of his supporters and the community, he hopes to bring about positive change and advocate for the interests of Nebraskans.

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