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Maryland Congress Election Results: A Look at the 2024 Primary

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Follow live updates and maps from the 2024 Maryland primary.

description: an anonymous image shows a crowded polling station with people of diverse backgrounds casting their votes. the atmosphere is tense yet hopeful as voters participate in the democratic process.

WBAL-TV 11 News, the WBAL-TV mobile app, and WBALTV.com are your go-to sources for the Commitment 2024 Maryland Primary Election results for Maryland's congressional races. The state has a total of 95 Democratic delegates and 37 Republican delegates up for grabs in its presidential primaries.

As voters head to the polls in Maryland's Primary Election, it's crucial to know where and when to vote. Stay tuned for live updates on the results as they come in.

In Maryland's 2nd District, the Democratic race is heating up between candidates like Johnny Olszewski Jr. Keep an eye on the latest developments in this closely watched race.

The election results and race calls are being provided by The Associated Press. The coverage is produced by Michael Andre, Camille Baker, Neil Berg, and other dedicated journalists.

As the night progresses, viewers can view the 2024 Maryland House primary election live results and map by county and district. The outcome of these races will have a significant impact on the future makeup of Maryland's congressional delegation.

The Maryland primary election results will shape the political landscape in the state for years to come. Stay informed and engaged with the latest updates on this crucial election.

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