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Kim Klacik: The Rising Star of Maryland's 2nd Congressional District

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Republican Kim Klacik is making waves in Maryland politics.

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Republican Kim Klacik is the projected winner of the 2024 Republican primary for Maryland's 2nd Congressional District, according to the latest polling data. Known for her conservative views and outspoken support for President Trump, Klacik has garnered a strong following in the state.

In a bold move, Republican Kim Klacik Thursday announced her second run for Congress. Klacik, a conservative radio talk show host and an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment, has been making headlines with her calls for smaller government and lower taxes.

Kim Klacik, the conservative radio personality and MAGA provocateur, entered the Republican primary Tuesday for the 2nd congressional district seat. Her unapologetic stance on key conservative issues has earned her both praise and criticism from voters.

Kimberly Klacik, who previously ran for Congress in 2020, announced that she has filed to run for the seat being vacated by a longtime incumbent. Her focus on economic growth and job creation has resonated with many constituents in the district.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski, when asked recently about possibly battling conservative radio talk show host Kim Klacik for the congressional seat, stated that he welcomes the opportunity for a spirited debate on the issues facing the district.

The state senator from Annapolis has drawn veiled criticism for her support by a multi-million dollar “dark money” pro-Israel super PAC, and questions have been raised about the influence of outside money in her campaign.

The Republican Club of Carroll County held a meet and greet for the Republican candidates for Congressional District 2 (MD02) and the Board of Education. Kim Klacik's presence at the event drew a large crowd of supporters eager to hear her platform.

Former Maryland congressional candidate Kim Klacik discusses a report showing the dire state of Baltimore schools on 'The Bottom Line.' Her focus on education reform has been a central theme of her campaign.

Republican Kimberly Klacik announced that she has filed to run in Maryland's 2nd Congressional District. Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger is the incumbent, but Klacik's strong showing in the polls indicates a competitive race ahead.

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