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Brandon Herrera Congress Polls: The Battle for Texas' 23rd District

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Analyzing the latest polls and primary election results in Texas.

description: a crowded campaign event with supporters holding signs for both tony gonzales and brandon herrera, showcasing the intense competition in the texas congressional district 23 race.

In the race for Texas' 23rd Congressional District, tensions are high as the incumbent congressman, Tony Gonzales, faces a tough challenge from newcomer Brandon Herrera. The Republican primary race has been closely watched by political analysts, as both candidates have strong support bases and differing views on key issues.

State Rep. Craig Goldman and business owner John O'Shea are competing to replace U.S. Rep. Kay Granger. Brandon Gill won the GOP nomination, but Herrera's entry has shaken up the race. The 23rd District congressman's results fell under the 50% threshold to avoid a May GOP primary runoff against firearm salesman Brandon, adding even more intrigue to the upcoming election.

Herrera, a social media influencer and gun rights advocate, has gained significant attention for his unorthodox campaign tactics and outspoken views on gun laws. In the Republican primary race for Texas Congressional District 23, Herrera has taken incumbent Congressman Tony Gonzales to a close race, with both candidates vying for the support of conservative voters.

The House Republican who represents Uvalde, Texas, and broke with his party to vote for a gun safety bill after the school shooting there, faces a tough battle for re-election. Gonzales will face off against social media influencer Brandon Herrera, who has garnered a strong following online for his pro-gun stance.

Despite facing backlash from some within his own party, Herrera remains confident in his chances of unseating Gonzales and bringing a fresh perspective to Congress. The GOP incumbent, Tony Gonzales, is headed to a runoff, setting the stage for a heated battle in the coming months.

Brandon Herrera (Republican Party) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Texas' 23rd Congressional District, promising to bring a bold new voice to Washington. View Texas House District 23 election results and maps for the 2024 Republican primary elections, keeping a close eye on the evolving race between Gonzales and Herrera.

As the polls continue to shift and the candidates make their final pitches to voters, all eyes are on Texas' 23rd District for what promises to be a closely contested race. Sign up to get notified when results are in. The On Politics newsletter is your guide to the 2024 elections. Get it sent to your inbox.

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