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Key Dates for 2024 United States Primary Elections

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Important deadlines and updates for participating in the primary elections.

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The 2024 United States primary elections are quickly approaching, and it is essential for voters to be aware of key dates and deadlines to ensure their participation in the democratic process. Below are deadlines specific to voting in the primary election. Deadline to register to vote: Monday, April 8; Deadline to request mail or absentee ballot: Friday, March 29; Deadline to vote in person: Tuesday, April 16.

CT heads to the polls on Tuesday to cast its votes in the state's Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections. Voters in Connecticut must be registered by April 8 to participate in the primary elections. This will be a crucial moment for candidates to secure delegates in their bid for the presidency.

The Economist is tracking the contest to be America's next president. With various candidates vying for the nomination, the primary elections will play a significant role in determining the final contenders for the presidency. States like California, Illinois, and Iowa will be pivotal in shaping the political landscape.

Geographic Map for US president election AS AS MP MP GU GU VI VI DC DC Minn. Minn. Ill. Ill. Calif. Calif. Ark. Ark. La. La. Iowa Iowa Tenn. provides a visual representation of the primary election results. Tracking the distribution of delegates across different states will be crucial for candidates to gauge their standing in the race.

Vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by March 12, 2024. Ballots continue to be counted after the deadline, highlighting the importance of early voting options for those unable to vote in person on the designated day.

WASHINGTON − Voters are less than 250 days away from heading to the ballot box to cast their votes in the 2024 presidential election. The primary elections will serve as a crucial step in determining the final nominees for both the Democratic and Republican parties.

View Florida election results and maps for the 2024 Democratic and Republican primary elections. For more information, visit the official election website for real-time updates on the primary election results in Florida.

Get live results and maps from the 2024 California primary elections. California holds significant weight in the primary elections, with a large number of delegates up for grabs. Candidates will be closely monitoring the results to gauge their support in this crucial state.

This special election is for CA-20, the House seat vacated by Republican Kevin McCarthy when he resigned from Congress. The open primary's top two finishers will advance to the general election, highlighting the competitive nature of congressional races in 2024.


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