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The Growing Political Divide: A Look at Polarization in America

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Examining the rise of political polarization and its consequences.

description: a group of people engaged in a heated political discussion, with some visibly upset and pointing fingers at each other.

Wisconsin is under the spotlight as experts examine political polarization, but the people doing the studies can affect their own results. A political philosopher explains the two types of polarization, and why what's happening in the U.S. is dangerous. Affective polarization in the United States has been rising for decades, while political violence only increased sharply in 2016. Research shows that affective polarization is intensifying across the political spectrum. Recent survey data revealed that more than half of Americans have a negative view of the opposing political party.

Journalist Ezra Klein delivered a public talk to University of Wisconsin students and Madison community members Tuesday. Its Risk and Reputation Unit helps brands navigate a polarized political climate. Progressive journalist Ezra Klein explored the roots and impacts of political polarization in America during a talk organized by the La... Here's what's driving America's increasing political polarization: Views of American presidents have become more and more polarized by party. JP Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon's annual shareholder letter is a moment investors await to understand the thinking of one of the most influential figures in finance.

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