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Malcolm Kenyatta: The Rising Star in Pennsylvania Politics

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State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta's journey to becoming a political powerhouse.

description: a young, african american man in a suit and tie speaking at a campaign event, surrounded by supporters holding signs and cheering. the backdrop features banners with the words "kenyatta for auditor general" in bold letters.

Malcolm Kenyatta, a rising star in Pennsylvania politics, is making waves in the state's auditor general race. The Philadelphia native is known for his progressive values and dedication to serving his constituents. As he faces off against Mark Pinsley for the Democratic nomination, Kenyatta's campaign is gaining momentum.

Incumbent Timothy DeFoor is alone in the Republican pool for auditor general. Democratic candidates Malcolm Kenyatta and Mark Pinsley are vying for the nomination. Kenyatta, a dynamic and charismatic leader, has garnered support from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsed state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta for auditor general, solidifying his position as a top contender in the race. Kenyatta's platform includes a focus on transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Movie and political buffs can catch Malcolm Kenyatta's documentary this month in the Philly area. Kenyatta's background as a filmmaker and activist has shaped his approach to politics, emphasizing storytelling and community engagement.

Democrat Malcolm Kenyatta is running for PA Auditor General and reelection to represent District 181 in Pennsylvania's House. Kenyatta's dual campaign highlights his commitment to both statewide issues and his local community in Philadelphia.

On the first episode of the relaunched Kitchen Table Politics Podcast, Ari Mittleman interviews State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta. The podcast delves into Kenyatta's personal background, political journey, and vision for the future of Pennsylvania.

Incumbent Tim DeFoor is the only candidate on the Republican primary ballot. Democrats will choose between two candidates: state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and Mark Pinsley. Kenyatta's progressive platform has resonated with voters across the state.

(WHTM) – State Representative and former Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi is dropping out of the Democratic primary race for Auditor General. This development solidifies Kenyatta's position as the frontrunner in the Democratic field.

Several Facebook posts appear to show auditor general candidate Malcolm Kenyatta claiming his primary challenger Mark Pinsley. The race between Kenyatta and Pinsley has been heated at times, with both candidates vying for the Democratic nomination.

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