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Mark Pinsley: The Democratic Challenger in the Pennsylvania Auditor General Race

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Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley challenges Republican incumbent Tim DeFoor.

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ALLENTOWN, Pa. — This week, we're profiling the two Democratic candidates vying for their party's nomination in the 2024 Pennsylvania auditor general race. Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley is the third Democrat to enter the race to challenge Republican Auditor General Tim DeFoor. Pinsley, a Jewish man who belongs to Keneseth Israel, is running against Malcolm Kenyatta for the Democratic nomination.

Incumbent Tim DeFoor is the only candidate on the Republican primary ballot. Democrats will choose between two candidates: state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and Mark Pinsley. Several Facebook posts appear to show Kenyatta claiming his Democratic primary challenger, Pinsley, is not fit for the position.

A woman named Clare Elizabeth Halvorsen is listed as the circulator of petitions for Mark Pinsley in Delaware. Pinsley's family includes his wife, Nina, and two children. He studied Finance at Kutztown University, where he earned a BSBA degree.

On March 19, 2024, in Allentown, PA, Mark Pinsley announced his Audit campaign for Auditor General. He is a Democrat and has served as the Lehigh County Controller. Pinsley is known for his commitment to transparency and accountability in government.

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