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Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Enters the Political Arena

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Kangana Ranaut discusses political aspirations, priorities, and controversies in interview.

a bollywood actress, dressed in a traditional indian outfit, stands confidently with a flag of the bjp in the background. she exudes determination and passion, reflecting her commitment to serving the people and bringing about change in the political landscape.

In an interview with HT, actor Kangana Ranaut speaks about her decision to jump into the political arena and her priorities. The Bollywood actress, a staunch supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will contest the upcoming elections as a candidate for the BJP. Kangana Ranaut, a BJP candidate, pledged to serve the people of Mandi constituency full-time if elected in the Lok Sabha Elections. Her decision to enter politics was met with both support and criticism from various quarters.

Shimla: With the Congress expected to field his mother Pratibha Singh against BJP's Kangana Ranaut from Mandi in Lok Sabha elections, tensions are high in the political arena. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is contesting from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, recently claimed that the political environment needed a change, and she was ready to bring that change. Her entry into politics has added a new dimension to the election race, with both parties gearing up for a tough battle.

Days after joining the BJP, Kangana Ranaut met the party's national president JP Nadda recently. The meeting was seen as a significant step in her political journey, as she sought guidance and support from the party leadership. It was a momentous occasion for Kangana Ranaut, as she took her first steps into the world of Indian politics, a move that was met with mixed reactions from the public.

It was but fitting that Kangana Ranaut's political debut began with a controversy. A day after the BJP announced her candidature, she faced backlash for her statements on the political landscape. However, Kangana Ranaut remained undeterred, expressing her commitment to serving the people and bringing about positive change in society. Her determination and passion for politics have made her a formidable candidate in the upcoming elections.

India News: Actress Kangana Ranaut, BJP's Lok Sabha candidate from Himachal's Mandi, expressed dismay over derogatory remarks about Mandi, highlighting the need for a more respectful discourse in politics. Kangana Ranaut's entry into the political arena has sparked conversations about the role of celebrities in politics, with many questioning her qualifications and intentions. However, she has remained focused on her goals and determined to make a difference in the political landscape.

In November 2021, Kangana Ranaut sparked a controversy by stating that the independence India attained in 1947 was akin to “bheekh” or charity. Her comments drew widespread criticism, with many questioning her understanding of history and the sacrifices made by freedom fighters. Despite the backlash, Kangana Ranaut stood by her words, emphasizing the need for a more nuanced understanding of India's past and present.

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