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Congress Approval Rating Hits Record Low in 2023

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Just 13% of Americans approve of Congress, lowest since 2017.

description: a group of people gathered in front of a government building, holding signs with slogans advocating for change and expressing dissatisfaction with congress.

In a recent Gallup poll, it was revealed that just 13% of U.S. adults approve of the job Congress is doing, marking the lowest approval rating since 2017. This decline comes as no surprise, considering the numerous challenges and controversies that have plagued Congress in recent years. The American public's dissatisfaction with Congress is evident, and it raises concerns about the effectiveness and representation of our democratic system.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center further supports these findings, showing that only 26% of Americans approve of Congress' performance. This rating is dangerously close to the record low observed during the 2013 government shutdown. The lack of trust and confidence in Congress is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, both Congress and the President have experienced consistently low job approval ratings among the general public. Americans' dissatisfaction with the government's performance is not limited to one party or individual. This stability in low approval ratings reflects a broader sentiment of frustration and disappointment with the political landscape.

NPR's Tamara Keith and Susan Page of USA Today recently discussed the latest political news, shedding light on the challenges facing Congress and the President. One of the topics discussed was how Rosalynn Carter's involvement in bipartisan initiatives could potentially improve Congress' reputation. However, it remains to be seen whether such efforts will be successful in raising the approval ratings.

According to a Fox News poll, Congress finished the year with a 19% approval rating. This indicates a slight improvement from previous ratings but still falls significantly below acceptable levels. It is clear that Congress has a long way to go in winning back the trust and support of the American people.

In a survey conducted in West Long Branch, NJ, it was found that by a 2 to 1 margin, Americans want Congress to compromise on the federal budget to avoid a government shutdown. This highlights the public's desire for effective governance and a willingness to see Congress work together for the greater good.

As for President Joe Biden, his approval ratings have also suffered. At the end of August, polling averages showed that only 41% of Americans approved of his performance, with a significant majority expressing their disapproval. This indicates that the challenges faced by Congress are not isolated but extend to the broader political landscape.

In conclusion, Congress' approval rating hitting a record low in 2023 is a concerning reflection of the public's dissatisfaction with the government's performance. The consistently low ratings for both Congress and President Joe Biden indicate a broader sentiment of frustration and disappointment. Efforts to improve Congress' reputation and address the concerns of the American people must be undertaken to restore trust in our democratic system.

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