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Bipartisanship in Congress: A Look at Recent Trends

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A comprehensive look at bipartisanship in Congress, examining recent trends and results of bipartisan initiatives.

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The election of Brandon Williams to Congress in 2023 is a testament to the power of bipartisanship. After campaigning on a platform of bipartisanship, the North Carolina Democrat has since embraced it, as evidenced by his all-nighter to virtually attend a Judiciary Committee hearing while on a bipartisan CODEL to Japan.

Bipartisanship in Congress can be an elusive goal, yet recent examples have shown that it is possible. Van Jones and Donald Trump’s surprising passage of criminal justice reform in 2018 is one example of bipartisanship in action. Congresswoman Susie Lee of Nevada has also championed bipartisanship, believing that negotiations should start with discovering what members agree on, rather than what divides them.

The House Committee on China has also become a place of bipartisanship. Representative Mike Gallagher and Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi have been working together on the issue, both believing that the U.S. needs to take a tougher stance on China. President Biden has also called for bipartisanship, proposing that Congress work together on the debt limit during his administration.

Congress has also found common ground on a range of policy issues. A bipartisan banking bill for cannabis businesses, curbs on “junk fee” and insulin access bills have all been proposed, showing that bipartisanship is alive and well in Congress.

This trend of bipartisanship is encouraging, as it shows that Congress can still come together and make progress on tough issues. It is also a reminder that Congress needs to put aside partisan differences and work together in order to best serve the American people.

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