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QR Campaign in Telangana Congress: Revolutionizing Voter Awareness

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Siddhartha Chakravarthy's AI tool empowers voters with candidate information.

description: an anonymous image showing qr-code posters with the image of the chief minister, accusing the government of corruption and demanding a 30% commission.

In an era dominated by technology, political campaigns are embracing innovative methods to reach out to voters and increase awareness. The Telangana Congress has recently launched a unique QR campaign, utilizing AI technology to provide voters with all the necessary information about their candidates. Siddhartha Chakravarthy, the mastermind behind this campaign, believes that his AI tool will revolutionize the way voters make their choices by putting candidate information out in the open.

The QR campaign in Telangana Congress has gained attention for its meticulously crafted puppets that serve as symbolic representations. These puppets portray Prime Minister Modi holding control over Telangana Chief Minister, KCR, signifying the Congress party's stance on the current political situation. The campaign aims to highlight the alleged corruption charges and demands of a 30% commission against the BRS government.

Telangana is gearing up for the upcoming polls scheduled on November 30, with vote counting set to take place on December 3. The QR campaign is expected to play a crucial role in influencing voters by providing transparent information about the candidates and their respective parties. With this tool, voters can make an informed choice that aligns with their preferences and aspirations.

One notable incident in the campaign involved BRS spokesperson Dasoju Sravan, who took to a social media handle to slam Revanth Reddy, a prominent political figure. Sravan shared a UPI QR code carrying the name 'Revanth Pe' as a form of public criticism. This incident demonstrates the power of the QR campaign in exposing political rivalries and addressing key issues.

The QR-code posters used in the campaign prominently feature the image of the Chief Minister, along with allegations of corruption against the BRS government. These posters accuse KCR of demanding a 30% commission, further intensifying the political atmosphere in Telangana. By using QR codes, the campaign ensures that citizens can easily access detailed information about the allegations and make their own judgments.

The campaign's impact is evident from the recent cash seizures during IT raids on properties of contractors in Telangana. Nearly Rs 94 crore was confiscated, including the assets of an office-bearer associated with the Contractors' Association. This seizure highlights the ongoing battle against corruption, which the QR campaign seeks to address and eradicate.

Interestingly, this QR campaign in Telangana Congress mirrors a similar incident that occurred during the Karnataka Assembly elections. Prior to the polls, posters featuring a QR code titled 'Pay CM - 40 per cent accepted here' emerged across Bengaluru. This move by the Congress party was seen as a tit-for-tat response to previous actions, further emphasizing the role of QR campaigns in political rivalries.

The campaign has also witnessed a legal controversy, as an FIR was registered against the manager of a spa at the Mumbai airport. The manager allegedly swapped the QR code on a billing desk, potentially manipulating the campaign's reach and impact. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in implementing and maintaining a fair and transparent political campaign.

In conclusion, the QR campaign in Telangana Congress is an innovative approach to empower voters and revolutionize the way they make informed choices. By utilizing AI technology and QR codes, the campaign aims to provide transparent information about candidates and address corruption charges. As the election date approaches, the impact of this campaign on voter awareness and decision-making will be closely observed. The Telangana Congress is leading the way in utilizing technology for political campaigns, setting a precedent for other parties to follow.

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