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The Ongoing Search for the Next Speaker of the House of Representatives

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A look into the process and challenges of electing a new speaker.

description: a group of politicians engaged in a heated discussion during a house of representatives session. the image shows individuals gesturing and talking passionately, expressing the intensity of the ongoing search for the next speaker.

The House has been without a permanent speaker since Oct. 3. Here is how a new one could be elected, or how the process could go off the rails if no consensus is reached.

Refusing to give up, Rep. Jim Jordan told GOP colleagues Thursday he was still running for the House gavel — leaving Republicans few viable options.

After Kevin McCarthy's ouster, the House now has to elect a new speaker.

The latest news and updates on the Republican fight over the next House speaker after Steve Scalise dropped his bid to replace Kevin.

The U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in its history has booted its speaker out of the job, as infighting in the narrow and divided Congress continues.

After more than two weeks of failing to choose a speaker, Republicans in the US House plan to reconvene on Monday to begin the process of electing a new one.

Members of the House are set to vote again Wednesday morning on the nomination of Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio to be the next speaker.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for the third time failed to get a majority of the floor votes needed to be elected speaker, garnering just 194 votes.

The US House of Representatives is looking for its next Speaker after Republican Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a right-wing revolt.

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